Some of the services we do include:

Conventional Air Percussion Drilling
ODEX Drilling
Mud Rotary Drilling
Monitoring Borehole Drilling
Pile Drilling
Cleaning and Flushing of Existing Boreholes
Borehole Pump Testing
Pump Installations
Tank Stand Manufacturing

Danie Cilliers Drilling Contractors is vastly experienced in conventional air percussion drilling in all solid rock formations, from the smallest drilling diameter of 100mm to the largest diameter of 424mm. The company also boasts vast experience in drilling within unconsolidated formations using methods such as drill and drive or the very difficult ODEX drilling method.

Borehole pump testing (aquifer testing) is also offered on completion of drilling or can be carried out on existing boreholes.

Further services offered by the company include pump installations, hand pump installations, tank stand manufacturing and the supply of pressure vessel units.

DJC Drilling Power supply and Drill